Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Webinar on Transportation and Cyber Security

ChemITC is certainly keeping me hoping on the blog this week. In yesterday’s ACC SmartBrief email (you can sign up for the free email news source at there was a notice about a webinar that ChemITC will be holding next week about the interface between cyber security and chemical transportation security. Sounded like an interesting combination of subjects so I asked the friendly ChemITC Manager, Bridgette Bourge for some additional information and she quickly responded (even though she was down in Houston for the ChemSecure conference). The free (ACC calls it ‘complementary’ but I like the term free) webinar will be held at 10:00 am EDT on Tuesday, March 31st (next week). According to ChemITC it will “provide an overview of transportation security in the chemical industry, with an emphasis on how cyber systems are enabling chemical supply chain security processes”. You can sign up by clicking here and will receive a confirmatory email after completing a short online form. If you can’t make the webinar Bridgette tells me that it will be available on their website in a couple of weeks. The two presenters will both be from Dow Chemical. Henry Ward (Global Supply Chain Director for Transportation Safety and Security) and Craig Casto (Global Leader for its RFID, GPS and AutoID Expertise Center) will “provide a context for security experts in both the cyber and transportation fields to bridge the gap between the important work each is doing on a day-to-day basis”. It certainly sounds like it will be an interesting presentation. I certainly plan to ‘be there’.

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Anonymous said...

Just for fun, you might good-naturedly with a virtual wink ask Henry if anyone worries that hackers might someday intrude upon the major shippers' use of sophisticated computer hazmat re-routing programs to avoid major target cities (by truck and rail), with the result that some TIH cargoes begin again going through all the 46 major US target cities until the local officials catch on to the enormous catastrophic risk?

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