Friday, March 20, 2009

ChemITC Survey

In a recent SmartBrief© email I was notified of a survey being conducted by the Chemical Information Technology Center (ChemITC) people at the American Chemistry Council. According to the Smart Brief article they are looking for “industrial-automation and control-system security experts from all ACC member companies to participate in a technical survey regarding the use of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention technologies within chemical process industries.” I contacted Bridgette Bourge, the ChemITC manager, and she confirmed that the survey was underway. She noted that this was a survey of ChemITC membership. According to Roger Sharpe, Director ChemITC Survey & Benchmark Program, the survey is intended “to obtain information to help companies evaluate potential technological approaches and items for consideration within their own companies”. ChemITC expects to have the survey forms returned by April 1st. Survey results will be shared with all participants. This is part of the ongoing program at ChemITC to improve computer and control system security practices in the chemical industry. ChemITC members who have not yet signed up for the survey should contact the Cyber Security Program for more information.

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