Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Video Surveillance Demo Videos

Long time readers of this blog are probably aware of how much I admire the work that John Honovich is doing over at IPVideoMarket.Info. He is providing a unique source of information about video surveillance tools and applications. Last week he gave advance notice about a new service that he is developing, a catalogue of video surveillance demonstration videos. He is making a strong case for the video surveillance industry to make a large number of demonstration videos available to potential consumers of their products. He believes that making these videos available on-line will make it easier for the customers to understand what is available and how it can be used. This is especially important for high-risk facilities that are adding security systems as part of their site security plan implementation. John’s formal demo video catalogue is not due out until March 23rd, but just the page where he describes the potential benefit for customers and suppliers he provides a quick list of readily available demonstration videos. Personally I enjoyed the short 4 minute YouTube video by Ioimage (link about midway down the page) about how to set-up one of their systems for perimeter monitoring. It reminded me a lot of setting up a range card for crew served weapons in the Army. Once again, I cannot recommend John’s site high enough. If you think that a video surveillance system is in your facility’s future, or you are having problems with your current system, this is a good place to get a basic education and to find the links to just about any supplier in that industry.

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