Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reader Comments: 03-17-09 – Web Page Update

Liz left two quick posts to the St Patrick’s Day post about the changes to the CSAT Web Page. She echoed my praise for the people that run the site. I hope that someone in DHS management is passing these comments on to the web team. While I hope that they are readers, it is more important that someone in management tells them that they are doing a good job. Uncle Sugar does not pay enough money to their ‘lackeys’ so they have to make do with the currency of praise. Actually, there was a small glitch with a dead link on the new CSAT page. I was writing a real short note about it yesterday morning when they corrected the problem before my very eyes. Now anyone can make a mistake, especially when you are typing code or URLs. A professional fixes those mistakes as soon as they are found. Again, good job.

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