Monday, March 9, 2009

Rail Security Rules Reviewed

There is a pretty good article on that sums up the three recent railroad security rules that went into effect in the last six months or so. The PHMSA hazmat routing rule, the FRA rule on appeals for the PHMSA rule, and the TSA freight rail security rule are summarized and the important issues are discussed. There is no real new information in the article, but it is a good review of the three rules. As we approach the April 1st final implementation date for the freight rail security rule it would have been nice to see more information on how that rule will actually impact railroad operations. I was able to look at the CSXT response earlier this year based on a letter to customers they posted on the web and a subsequent corporate response. Even that was just an interim response while they worked out their procedures to comply with the new rule. I have few contacts in the railroad industry so I would be interested I seeing any information that people have on the actions that the railroads are taking to comply with the attendance and hand-off requirements of the rule. Information directly from the railroads would be preferred, but even copies of letters that the railroads are sending to customers would be appreciated. You can leave contact information on the comments section of this, or any blog posting. I am reviewing reader comments before they go on the site to avoid the problems that I discussed earlier. To avoid having your contact information posted as a comment, just post your contact info and a brief explanation of the topic you want to discuss. If you have information for this post all you would have to do is post your contact information.

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