Thursday, March 26, 2009

2009 Chemical Sector Security Summit Update 03-25-09

Yesterday DHS updated the 2009 Chemical Sector Security Summit web page. They provided new information on the planned agenda, registration information, and information on hotel and tourist sites in the Baltimore area. Preliminary Agenda The preliminary agenda, with the careful explanation that topics are subject to change, contains a combination of speeches, instructional sessions, workshops, and ‘ongoing demonstrations’. Currently scheduled speakers include:
Janet Napolitano, Secretary, DHS General James Snyder, Acting Assistant Secretary of IP, DHS Clyde Miller, BASF Corporation and Chairman of Chemical SCC
Currently scheduled instruction sessions include:

Threats to the Homeland and the Chemical Sector Identifying and Defeating Weapons of Mass Destruction Overview — Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Chemical Vulnerability Information Update Congressional Perspective State and Local Issues Multi-Agency Harmonization on Chemical and HazMat Security Regulations Developing a Security Exercise Guidance to Achieve Successful Site Security Plan Development and Inspections

Currently scheduled workshop sessions include:
Pipeline Security Freight Rail Transportation Risk — Security Issues Ammonium Nitrate Regulations Implementation of Federal Freight Rail Security Rules Theft & Diversion: Prevention and Compliance Maritime Transportation Security Act – TWIC Surveillance Detection
Currently scheduled on-going demonstrations include:
Voluntary Chemical Assessment Tool and TRIPwire Site Security Plans
Registration The registration for the summit is free of charge, not so unfortunately for the hotel (Baltimore Marriott Waterfront). The registration web page provides an email address to which the registration information will be sent. Confirmation will be by return email. There is something new this year; there is a Privacy Act Statement on the registration page. It provides for a method of opting into the summit directory where attendees names and company names will be reported. There is one other new thing on the registration front. Last year it was strictly first come first serve. This year they are limiting initial registration to two people per company or organization. Companies can provide a prioritized list of people to attend; the first two will be given registrations and the remainder will be placed on a waiting list. There is no information provided about when they will start pulling from the waiting list. Presumably the waiting list will be pulled first come first served, so still get registration lists in early.

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