Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TSA Security Training

Even with the internet a blog writer is dependant on his readers for some information. The wider sets of connections just make more information available. For example, just yesterday I received via email copies of two TSA fliers advertising security training seminars. Since I am not on TSA mailing lists (DHS is still deciding how they really want to deal with bloggers), I never would have seen these fliers. Motor Carrier Security Training We haven’t discussed motor carrier security training too awful much in this blog. Part of that is because there just hasn’t been much in the way of regulation on hazmat security for truck shipments other than very general training (49 CFR 172.704) and security plan (49 CFR 172.800) requirements. DHS has done most of their work to date on a voluntary compliance basis, and most of that work pre-dates this blog. TSA will be conducting three-hour training sessions in eight cities this year. A total of four sessions (9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm on each date) are available in each city. The cities and dates are:
Tampa, FL; June 23, 24 Long Beach, CA; July 7, 8 Seattle, WA; July 21, 22 Phoenix, AZ; July 28, 29 Houston, TX; August 11, 12 Baltimore, MD; August 25, 26 Chicago, IL; September 1, 2 Newark, NJ; September 9, 10
The training will cover the training and security provisions of 49 CFR mentioned above as well as the voluntary Security Action Items (SAI) developed by TSA that can be incorporated into existing company security plans. Pre-registration can be done by email (register@tsa-sait.org) or phone (505 254-3700). For additional information contact TSA (highwaysecurity@dhs.gov). Freight Rail Security Rule Back in November of last year TSA published a new freight rail security rule. Most provisions of that rule went into effect on December 26th, but some provisions have a delayed effective date of April 1st. These rules are going to effect railroads, certain hazmat shippers and receivers. TSA is presenting a series of one-day workshops that will provide the participants with a detailed overview of the Rail Security Rule and information to assist in meeting the requirements of the regulation. There will be three presentations this month; they will be held:
March 10, 2009 – Los Angeles, California March 17, 2009 – Chicago, Illinois March 31, 2009 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
According to the TSA flyer the topics to be covered include:
“What’s covered in the rule “Frequently Asked Questions about the rule “Using Sensitive Security Information “Rail Security Coordinator tools of the trade “TSA Inspections: What to expect from the inspector”
The flyer does not provide any registration information, but it does provide an email address for further information; freightrailsecurity@dhs.gov.

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