Monday, March 23, 2009

SSP-RBPS Status 03-23-09

Everyone in the chemical security community is wondering when DHS will be rolling out the CFATS Site Security Plan and Risk-Based Performance Standards Guideline documents. Over a month ago it was being reported that it would be rolled out in February. That didn’t pan out too well. It seems that OMB is still looking over the RBPS Guidelines. Once those are approved, DHS is prepared to move forward with the SSP Tool on their CFATS web site. No telling when OMB will be done with their review. Remember President Obama has had them re-looking at all in-process rules and redefining the regulation approval process. Needless to say this will upset the ACC people at ChemSecure this week. There were supposed to be some DHS explanations of both the SSP and RBPS this week at that conference. I doubt that much information will be forth coming until the official role out. Oh well, we wait and watch.

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