Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Security Equipment Review 5-28-08

Once again it is time to look at some new technology and gadgets that are being developed that could be used in protecting a chemical facility from a potential terrorist attack. Warning: I have not laid a hand on any of these gadgets so all of this information is from the web sites indicated; appearance on this page is not an endorsement of any product or technology.

Strong Point Limits Access To SCADA Systems

One of the problems inherent in the electronic control systems used to control processes at chemical facilities is that unauthorized access to the system could allow a terrorist to use those controls to effect a successful attack. While passwords or biometric access controls can help to limit access, the Strong Point system developed by Uniloc controls access by limiting what computers can talk to the system.

The system develops a digital fingerprint for each computer allowed access to the system. This limits, rather than restricts, access to the system. This would be useful for facilities that need to have remote access to the SCADA system. Passwords should probably still be used to restrict individual access.

Cello Track Provides GPS Tracking

Facilities that ship Theft/Diversion chemicals of interest may have an interest in tracking the location of those chemicals in transit. For those facilities Cello Track, by Pointer Telocation, provides a GPS based tracking system for containers, trailers, or railcars.

Cisco Designs for Safety and Security

As safety and security systems get more complex and more types of sensors are tied into the systems there is a need for computers and servers designed for this type of operation. Cisco has recently introduced the Cisco Open Platform for Safety and Security. This system incorporates different Cisco technologies, including Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Video Surveillance Manager (VSM), Cisco's IP Interoperability and Collaboration System.

Additionally, Cisco has worked with industry developers to support sensor integration and management, video analytics, geographic information system (GIS) framework for common operating picture, enterprise mass emergency notification, and physical access control.

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