Saturday, May 31, 2008

DHS FAQ Page Update – 5-30-08

An interesting new question was added to the DHS FAQ page on Friday. It deals with SVAs and Buffer Zone Protection Plan (BZPP). The BZPP is not administered under the CFATS regulations. The question is:

    • "My facility completed a Buffer Zone Protection Plan (BZPP) in conjunction with DHS. Does my facility get credit for the security measures I implemented as a result of that BZPP?"

The DHS answer notes that participation in the BZPP does not exempt facilities from the requirement to complete an SVA. Measures undertaken as part of the BZPP can be reported in the SVA.

I have not reviewed or reported on the details of the BZPP program. The program is run out of the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Directorate and does not directly interface with CFATS.

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