Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reader Question 5-24-08

Fmillar1 noted that the links on my May 19th Blog (see: "Comments on Rail Security and Safety Rules – 5-16-08") did not work. I went back and checked and he was obvious correct. I did a little more digging and have corrected the problem. The blog post has been corrected on AOL and here are the correct links.




The problem was that I saved the links from the actual pages that I downloaded, but for some reason those links do not work. You have to copy the short cut links from the Regulations.gov search result pages instead of using the document links. Oh well, you learn something new every day. Thanks Fred.

Now I have to go back and re-do the links for the update message I was going to post today. It probably won’t get posted until tomorrow.

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