Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Possible Chemical Attack Averted

I ran into a perversely interesting article over on ThreatsWatch.Org about a Texas man that was trying to sell about 100 lbs of cyanide to the Aryan Brotherhood. I say ‘perversely interesting’ because it illustrates the point that there are potential terrorists out there that have no relation with Islamic radicalism while at the same time pointing out that most criminals are stupid. He was caught when the intermediary in the sale turned out, once again, to be working for the FBI.

To make matters worse, this ‘stupid criminal’ had 100 lbs of cyanide. All that was necessary to make a really nasty chemical weapon was a couple hundred pounds of acid. No report yet about where the cyanide came from.

Oops, one other stupid thing; the stupid criminal originally intended to trade the 100 lbs of cyanide for 1 pound of methamphetamines. Fortunately, that deal fell through, so he had to find an FBI informant to contact a buyer for his chemical weapon. How many more times will we be so lucky?

Sooner or later the stupid criminals and ‘wanna be’ terrorists are going to run out of FBI informants. Then we will get to see what the terrorist can do with the weapon. Somebody had better increase the FBI budget for paying informants.

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