Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Infrastructure Protection Activities Grants Awarded

Last week DHS announced the latest awards of Infrastructure Protection Activities Grants, awards totaling over $800 Million. Some of those grants will be going to protecting chemical facilities or deliveries of hazardous chemicals.

The amount going to chemical facility protection will be quite small. Only a small portion of the $48.5 Million going to the Buffer Zone Protection Program (BZPP) will be going to cities to help them protect access to chemical facilities. A wide variety of Tier I and Tier II sites will be protected using money from these grants.

The Freight Rail Security Grant Program, at $4.9 Million, will provide some increased protection for the shipment of security-sensitive materials through high-density population areas. The grants will be made available to railroad operators to provide for security training (Class I Carriers), conducting vulnerability assessments and preparing security plans (Class II and III Carriers).

Other areas will be receiving much more money under these programs. Port Security will receive almost half of the total grant money under this program. The Transit Security Grant Program comes in a close second with more than $300 Million.

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