Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another DHS FAQ Update for 5-23-08

Either I missed it or this FAQ question was not there when I checked on Friday (see: "Another DHS FAQ update – 5-23-08"); let’s just assume that it was posted after my daily check. In any case one more new question on the DHS FAQ page:

    • 1416 If I've already submitted my Top-Screen for a release-toxic or release-flammable COI and it is stored underground, do I have to resubmit with the new questions regarding underground storage?

Actually this is another pretty good question. The Help Desk Answer is ‘No, not unless you want to.’

The more detailed answer includes the first reference that I have seen to the requirement that I have mentioned a couple of time; periodic updates. The answer ends with:

    • "(Please note that covered, high-risk, facilities are required to submit revised Top Screens periodically, and after material modifications to the operations or site, in accordance with 6 CFR § 27.210(b) and (d).)"

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