Thursday, May 22, 2008

DHS FAQ Update – 5-22-08

Two more FAQ page additions have been made by DHS. Both of them address rather intersting questions. The questions are:

  • 1262: How do I offer the services of my company to provide security inspections in line with the CSAT process?
  • 1407: I recently received an e-mail from DHS informing me that my Top-Screen appears to be inactive because it was begun over 60 days ago and has still not been submitted. What should I do?

I’m not sure that the answer to the first question was really what the submitter was looking for. The reply tells how to submit unsolicited business proposals to DHS. While this may be valuable knowledge for a number of people, the question sounds to me to be about providing inspection services to high-risk chemical facilities. If this question came into the help desk by phone, the DHS response is probably the correct one.

The response to the second question notes that there are two possible reasons that this email was received. The first would be that the facility determined mid-Top Screen that they were not required to submit and never did. No problem, according to DHS; 30 days after the email was sent DHS will remove the incomplete Top Screen from the system. The second case would be that the facility never pushed the send button on the Top Screen and needs to go back into the system and do so.

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