Friday, May 30, 2008

Commercial Comments

I had a reader comment posted on my latest security equipment review blog. The post from Cpotenzone, who is apparently associated with Uniloc, thanked me for the "coverage of Uniloc's StrongPoint device release" and provided a web link for additional information ( I would like to think that he was a regular reader, but he is probably a marketing guy that has a good search engine watching for his company’s name and products. In any case I do appreciate the acknowledgement.

This comment does bring up an interesting dilemma that I had not thought about much before; the issue of commercial comments and the associated viral advertising that might result. Some bloggers avoid such comments, wanting their opinions to remain uncontaminated by the possible appearance of being ‘bought out’. Other bloggers go to the other extreme and actively solicit blatant commercial advertisements masquerading as comments.

I can hardly go to the first extreme; I started the whole thing with my brief, non-endorsing, reviews of commercial devices and services. I do not, however, want to go to the other extreme, and have this blog become nothing more than a series of advertisements. As I do in so many things in my life, I will strive for moderation.

Commercial Ground Rules

I will continue to accept commercial comments on things covered in this blog. AOL limits comments to 250 words so any commercials start with that limitation as well as the standard AOL posting rules. I do ask that commercial comments abide by the common law rules of truth-in-advertising; no blatant lies or outrageous exaggerations. I also request that posters provide a brief description of their relationship to the product/company being advocated/promoted; an email address would be appreciated.

No fees will be requested or accepted for allowing these posts to remain on the site and no implied endorsement is provided by allowing the comments to remain on the site. I retain the sole right to remove posts that are offensive to me, or offensive to other readers that can convince me I should be offended.


Finally, I reserve the right to change my mind and these rules at anytime, for any reason; it is my blog.

Guest Postings

I am willing to provide a forum for other people to make posts to this blog to discuss chemical facility security issues. Such posts do not have to agree with the opinions that I have expressed, or may express at some future date. They do have to be germane to the subject, respectful of different opinions, and hopefully provide a unique insight into a chemical security issue.

I will require that anyone wishing to post to this blog will have to allow me to pre-screen at least their initial post. I maintain that requirement to protect myself and my blog. Pre-screening requirements for additional blog postings are open to negotiation. Contact me for additional details.

I am a Freelance Writer

This blog is not currently paying any bills. I make my living as a Free Lance Writer. As such I do writing projects for a variety of customers. To date I have not written anything for pay for anyone in the security arena. That will almost certainly change at some point in time. When it does, I will disclose any potential conflict of interest in any blog that remotely impinges on that commercial relationship. I owe that to the readers of this blog and to my self-esteem.

Anyone interested in discussing a writing job can contact me at or propose a writing project via (PJCoyle), a freelance clearing house on the web. I am currently involved in a long term project that takes up much of my time, but I would certainly consider smaller projects on a case by case basis.

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