Saturday, May 24, 2008

Public Law 110-234

Well, it is now official (it was published in the Federal Register), HR 2419 is now Public Law 110-234 with a publication date of May 22, 2008. The 30 day clock (see: "Farm Bill Passes Over Bush Veto – Maybe") on the DHS outreach program to agricultural users of Propane is ticking away.

If anyone has any question about the strength of the Agriculture Lobby all they have to do is look at this massive bill. Forget the crop subsidies and price support measures; Agriculture is now one of the largest recipients of chemical security grants (see: "Farm Bill Contains Chemical Security Provisions") in the country. In fact, they are the only ones getting such grants (see: "Infrastructure Protection Activities Grants Awarded"). I guess the old saying about the squeeky wheel gets the grease is still true. No one has fought the CFATS regulations harder than Agriculture.

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