Saturday, April 27, 2024

Transportation Chemical Incidents – Week of 3-23-24

Reporting Background

See this post for explanation, with an update here (removed from paywall).

Data from PHMSA’s online database of transportation related chemical incidents that have been reported to the agency.

Incidents Summary

• Number of incidents – 478 (451 highway, 20 air, 7 rail)

• Serious incidents – 3 (3 Bulk release, 0 injuries, 0 deaths, 0 major arteries closed)

• Largest container involved – 30,049-gal DOT DOT111A100W1 railcar (Acetone) Loose top closure. 20-gal spilled.

• Largest amount spilled – 1323-lbs (Calcium Hypochlorite, Hydrated or Calcium Hypochlorite, Hydrated Mixtures, With Not Less Than 5.5% But Not More Than 16% Water) plastic container damaged in material handling.

Most Interesting Chemical: Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, Dry. A white slightly hygroscopic crystalline powder or lump solid with a mild chlorine-like odor. Said to have 85 percent available chlorine. Decomposes at 225°C, producing chlorine gas and oxygen. Moderately toxic by ingestion. May irritate skin and eyes. Active ingredient in household dry bleaches. Used in swimming pools as a disinfectant. Strong oxidizing agent.

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