Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Short Takes – 4-9-24

There I Was: How to Tell a Good War Story. ClearanceJobs.com article. Pull quote: “We’re a storytelling people. It’s central to our existence, an essential and fundamental part of being human. Storytelling is a part of life: we tell our stories over coffee with a friend, during family gatherings during the holidays, and even in professional settings with our colleagues. They allow us to share information in a memorable way that imparts knowledge in a manner that bonds us across generations. Our stories help us to understand one another, to forge deeper relationships, and to share our experiences with others in a way that spurs sympathetic learning.”

Clarifying Cybersecurity Guidelines for Drones: the DETECT Act. DroneLife.com article. Pull quote: “If passed and designed to supercede previous orders, the legislation could make it easier for drone manufacturers not focused on defense and not included in the Blue sUAS list, even if they meet NDAA compliance standards, to receive government contracts.  Currently, government agencies must to go through a waiver process to purchase even US manufactured drones not on the Blue sUAS list.” See my post on S 3758.

Max Space announces plans for inflatable space station modules. SpaceNews.com article. Pull quote: “Max Space is pursuing a technology called an ultra-high-performance vessel created by de Jong that distributes loads in one direction, a design that he credited to a “totally accidental discovery” while working on other concepts. That reduces the uncertainty in safety margins, which has been demonstrated in tests where modules burst at pressures within 10% of predicted levels. “The predictability is great and the scalability is great,” he said.”

Cybersecurity in the Marine Transportation System. Federal Register CG comment extension notice. Summary: “The Coast Guard has received multiple requests to extend the comment period. The requesters cited the potentially significant impact of this rulemaking on the operations of affected owners and operators, and the need for additional time to adequately comment as reasons for the requested extension. In response to these requests, we have decided to extend the public comment period by 30 days. The comment period is now open through May 22, 2024.”

Train Crew Size Safety Requirements. Federal Register FRA Final Rule. Summary: “FRA is establishing minimum safety requirements for the size of train crews depending on the type of operation. This final rule requires railroad operations to have a minimum of two crewmembers except for certain identified one-person train crew operations that do not pose significant safety risks to railroad employees, the public, or the environment. This final rule includes requirements for railroads seeking to continue certain existing one-person train crew operations and a special approval process for railroads seeking to initiate certain new one-person train crew operations. This final rule also requires each railroad receiving special approval for a one-person train crew operation to submit to FRA an annual report summarizing the safety of the operation.” Effective Date: June 10, 2024.

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