Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Short Takes – 4-16-24

Crickets from Chirp Systems in Smart Lock Key Leak. KrebsOnSecurity.com article. Pull quote: ““It’s just a matter of them being motivated to do it [fix the vulnerability],” he said. “But they’re part of a private equity company now, so they’re not answerable to anybody. It’s too bad, because it’s not like residents of [the affected] properties have another choice. It’s either agree to use the app or move.”

House GOP looks for reset on government funding. TheHill.com article. Pull quote: “Cole — who was unanimously recommended to be the new spending chief by the House GOP Steering Committee — said he would prefer Congress finish its annual funding work by the usual shutdown deadline in late September. But he also acknowledged that, with the upcoming elections, Congress is headed for a stopgap in September to prevent a funding lapse, kicking any spending battle until after voters head to the polls.”

NASA confirms mystery object that crashed through roof of Florida home came from space station. Phys.org article. Pull quote: “The space agency said it was a metal support used to mount old batteries on a cargo pallet for disposal. The pallet was jettisoned from the space station in 2021, and the load was expected to eventually fully burn up on entry into Earth's atmosphere, but one piece survived.”

National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC); Meeting. Federal Register ISOO meeting notice. No agenda available. Meeting date: May 1st, 2024.

Renewable Energy Shatters Records in the U.S. ScientificAmerican.com article. Pull quote: “PJM anticipates that electricity demand will grow by an average of 2.3 percent annually over the next 10 years, up from the 1.4 percent growth it predicted last year. ERCOT set 10 new demand records over a one-month period last summer. The New York Independent System Operator thinks the combination of rising demand and retiring fossil fuel generators could leave New York City facing a shortage of energy supplies by 2026.”

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