Friday, April 26, 2024

Short Takes – 4-26-24

China's Shenzhou-18 mission docks with space station. article. Pull quote: “They will also try and create an aquarium onboard and seek to raise fish in zero gravity, according to Xinhua.”

Operational Adjustments Resulting From Workforce Shortages. Federal Register Coast Guard request for comments. Summary: “We are requesting your comments on planned actions that will allow the Coast Guard to prioritize lifesaving missions and protection of the Marine Transportation System in light of current personnel shortages. Like other military services, the Coast Guard is facing an unprecedented workforce shortage that is impacting Service readiness. The current and forecasted extent of the shortage is prompting significant actions to best protect the American public and maintain Service readiness. If actions are not taken to adjust operations, we can anticipate longer-term impacts to mission effectiveness and increased risk to our service members, as well as to commercial mariners and private boaters. In addition to leveraging technology and enhancing recruitment and retention efforts, operational adjustments must be executed within the existing response system while maintaining standards and an adherence to core mission execution. These adjustments fall into two categories: First, in regions where multiple units could respond if they were resourced appropriately, boats and people will be consolidated at one or more units to ensure a robust response. Secondly, in areas where the Coast Guard operates limited, or seasonal units that do not have sufficient personnel to respond, operations will be temporarily paused as resources are moved to higher priority areas. These adjustments will remain in effect until the Coast Guard has sufficient personnel to reconstitute these units.” Comments due May 24th, 2024.

A new U.S. tool maps where heat will be dangerous for your health. article. Pull quote: ““You can put in your zip code and see current heat risk and air quality levels and a seven-day heat risk forecast for your area,” Mandy Cohen, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said April 22 at a news conference unveiling the tool, called HeatRisk. “So, you can plan your day and you can plan your week with your health in mind.”” NWS HeatRisk Tool:

Colombia becomes first country to restrict US beef due to bird flu in dairy cows. article. Pull quote: “To date, no U.S. beef cattle have tested positive for bird flu, government officials said.” The big question is has anyone been testing beef cattle?

Traces of bird flu are showing up in cow milk. Here’s what to know. article. Pull quote: “Because H5N1 has only recently been found in cattle, no studies have directly tested milk pasteurization’s ability to kill the virus, the FDA said in a statement April 23. But studies have shown that egg pasteurization, which is done at lower temperatures than milk pasteurization, inactivates the virus.”

Freight train derails, catches fire near US-Mexico border causing road closures. article. Pull quote: “The train was carrying gasoline and odorless propane at the time of the derailment near Houck, Ariz. No injuries were reported as a result of the incident, according to New Mexico State Police.”

Forecasters predict record number of hurricanes. article. Pull quote: “The Penn forecast predicts between 27 and 39 named tropical storms, with the best estimate at 33 storms — the most of any forecast in the 15-year history of the project. An average season usually has about half that number.” Article also quotes CSU forecast for 24 named storms. 

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