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Transportation Chemical Incidents – Week of 3-9-24

Reporting Background

See this post for explanation, with an update here (removed from paywall).

Data from PHMSA’s online database of transportation related chemical incidents that have been reported to the agency.

Incidents Summary (links are to accident report)

• Number of incidents – 484 (455 highway, 28 air, 1 rail)

• Serious incidents – 3 (3 Bulk release, 0 injuries, 0 deaths, 1 major artery closed)

• Largest container involved – 7,500-gal (Diesel Fuel), car accident damaged loading lines stored on trailer. 25-gal spilled.

• Largest amount spilled – 400-lbs (Calcium Hypochlorite, Hydrated or Calcium Hypochlorite, Hydrated Mixtures, With Not Less Than 5.5% But Not More Than 16% Water) plastic container damaged in material handling.

NOTE: There was an incident involving a DOT 105J400W railcar (Petroleum Gases, Liquefied or Liquefied Petroleum Gas), but the database contains no size entry for that incident, so it does not make the list as the 'largest container'. 

Most Interesting Chemical: Furfuryl Alcohol – Used as a monomer in the manufacture of furan resins, will polymerize rapidly and at times with explosive force in the presence of strong mineral acids. A clear colorless liquid. Flash point 167°F. Boiling point 171°F. Denser than water. Contact may irritate skin, eyes and mucous membranes. May be toxic by ingestion and skin contact and moderately toxic by inhalation.

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