Friday, October 29, 2021

Senate Amendments to HR 4350 – 10-28-21

While the Senate still has not officially started the consideration of HR 4350, the FY 2022 NDAA, there were 126 amendments proposed yesterday. Six of those amendments may be of interest here:

SA 3943 – Sen Heinrich (D,NM): SEC. 906. Chief digital recruiting officer. [pg S7469]

SA 3954 – Sen Blackburn (R,TN): SEC. xxxx. Study on national laboratory consortium for cyber resilience. [pg S7472]

SA 4028 – Sen Bennet (D,CO):  SEC. xxx. National Digital Reserve Corps. [pg S7505] Similar to HR 4813

SA 4042 – Sen Rosen (D,NV): SEC. xx. National Cyber Exercise Program. [pg S7513] Similar to S 2993.

SA 4062 – Sen Ossoff (D,GA): SEC. xx. Dr. David Satcher Cybersecurity Education Grant Program. [pg S7518] Similar to S 2305.

SA 4067 – Sen Ossoff:  SEC. xxx. Report on cyber education diversity initiative. [pg S7520]

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