Saturday, October 16, 2021

Review - TSA Publishes Top 100 Most Critical Pipelines 30-day ICR Revision Notice

This week the the TSA published a 30-day Information Collection Request (ICR) revision notice in the Federal Register (86 FR 57197-57198) for a revision to their “Critical Facility Information of the Top 100 Most Critical Pipelines” (1652-0050) ICR. The 60-day ICR notice was published on June 30th, 2021. This ICR revision is a follow-up to the approved emergency ICRs back in late May for increased cybersecurity reporting requirements in the TSA’s Pipeline Cybersecurity Directive and supporting the requirements of TSA Pipeline Security Directive #1.

There were three comments received on the 60-day notice published for this propose ICR revision. The TSA published their responses [.docx download link] to the issues raised in those comments. As required by 44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq., TSA is again requesting comments on the 30-day ICR notice published this week. Comments may be submitted directly to OIRA by accessing the ICR page for this collection and clicking on the ‘Comment’ box near the top center of the page. Comments should be submitted by November 15th, 2021.

For more details about this ICR notice, including details about the new Pipeline Cybersecurity Self-Assessment form, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis - - subscription required.

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