Friday, October 9, 2015

Bills Introduced – 10-08-15

With both the House and Senate in session yesterday (Note: Yesterday was the last day in session for the Senate before the Columbus Day recess next week) there were 53 bills introduced. Of those there was only one that may be of specific interest to readers of this blog.

HR 3710 To amend the Plant Protection Act with respect to authorized uses of methyl bromide, and for other purposes. Rep. LaMalfa, Doug [R-CA-1]

I suspect that this bill would authorize the continued use of methyl bromide as a fumigant for strawberry fields. This use has effectively been phased out under the requirements of the Montreal Protocol to Protect the Ozone Layer, but strawberry growers maintain that there is no other effective fumigant to allow them to continue to economically grow strawberries.

Long time readers will probably fear (grin) that passage of this bill will require me to resume my campaign to have DHS add methyl bromide, a recognized toxic inhalation hazard (TIH) chemical, to the list of DHS chemicals of concern.

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