Monday, March 24, 2014

EPW Committee Announces MAP-21 Witness List

Yesterday, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee published the witness list for their Thursday hearing on MAP-21 Reauthorization. Since this hearing was advertised as being a look at MAP-21 from the State and local perspective, it is hardly surprising that all of the witnesses are members of various State and local governments.

The witnesses include:

• Michael Lewis, Rhode Island;
• Sue Minter, Vermont;
• Greg Ballard, City of Indianapolis, Indiana;
• Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City;
• Mr. Bill Fontenot, St. Landry's Parish, Louisiana
• Jim Willox, Converse County, Wyoming; and
• Mr. Dave Gula, Wilmington, Delaware

None of these witnesses has an obvious connection to crude trains, but I suspect that the topic will come up, at least in passing, during this hearing.

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