Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reader Comment – 11-20-13 –

Readers might remember that in a piece I wrote yesterday about the Chemical Safety and Security listening sessions I described my experience with the web site that DHS is now using for the registration for these listening sessions. I also sent off a quick email to the site management and got a very nice reply back from Kerry Rea, President Today, she also posted a very nice response to my comments on the blog.

Apparently this web site was set up as a means for military, government employees, and contractors to keep track of, and sign-up for, on-line and face-to-face, training and policy discussions. I would assume that Ms Rea’s company receives some sort of government compensation for this service. For her sake I hope that it isn’t some sort of flat fee arrangement if DHS is going to continue to expand their use of the service for public sign-ups for meetings.

Ms. Rea did mention in her comments that under the current set up, the best way to complete the registration process for the average person would be to make the same selection that I did; ‘government employee/military’.

BTW: I think Ms. Rea’s prompt response to my email and her extra-step comment to my blog post are the sign of an individual (and company) that understands the value of customer service. I suspect that her company will go far.

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