Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NPPD Publishes Chem EO Listening Sessions Notice – 11-19-13

The DHS National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) published a notice in today’s Federal Register (78 FR 69433-69434) announcing the next two public listening sessions being held jointly with OSHA and EPA concerning the President’s Chemical Safety and Security Executive Order (EO 13650). It also lists the dates for two webinars that will serve a similar purpose.

The notice provides addresses for the previously announced listening sessions in Springfield, IL (today, kinda late huh?) and Orlando, FL (December 11th). The later sessions are not listed.

The notice lists a new (to me anyway) on-line service for registering for federal government events; www.GovEvents.com. The notice states that:

“If you wish to attend any public listening session and/or a Webinar and/or make an oral comment/presentation at both the in-person and Webinar listening sessions, you must register at www.GovEvents.com. “

As of this writing (06:05 CST) today’s meeting is listed (on page 2) but the December 11th session is not. The November 25th webinar is listed, but the December 16th webinar is not listed. The registration process is relatively painless.

NOTE: This site requires registration, but it has some peculiar rules. Unless you belong to a listed government agency or contractor you have to select ‘government employee/military’ to get through the registration process. They really need a ‘private citizen’ listing if they are going to require the use of this site for meeting registrations. Once registered in their system you can sign in via LinkedIn or Facebook accounts.

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Kerry Rea said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for letting us know about your registration experience. I wanted to share with you the make-up of our members. As the web portal for all government- and military-related events worldwide, the vast majority (about 99%) of our 30,000 member base are government and military personnel, government vendors/contractors, and organizers hosting events in the government and military industry. We rarely run into the situation of a new member not fitting in one of these categories. Having said that, we are always updating our site to ensure that it is as user-friendly as possible, and we will look into changing the wording of our member types to include those that do meet the current options.

In the meantime, your readers should select the "government employee/military" option as this will provide them full access to GovEvents’ directory of worldwide government and military events.

In addition, we have contacted the Dept of Homeland Security to let them know the DHS events you referenced are not currently posted on the GovEvents site.

Thank you again for the feedback and highlighting GovEvents.com as a registration process for DHS events!

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