Friday, November 1, 2013

DHS Announces NIAC Meeting – 11-21-13

The DHS National Protection and Programs Administration (NPPD) published a meeting notice in today’s Federal Register (78 FR 65657-65676) for a meeting of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) on November 11th, 2013. The public meeting will be held in Washington, DC.

Two working group presentations will be made updating the Council on progress being made by the Regional Resilience Working Group and the EO-PPD Working Group. The Council will discuss both reports. Topics that will be addressed will include:

• Final recommendations to be included in the Regional Resilience Study;
• The role and impact of critical infrastructure in regional resilience;
• The working groups recommendations on the implementation of EO 13636 (cybersecurity);

Public comments are being solicited on both reports (which will be available, according to the notice, at least one week before the meeting on the Council’s web site. Limited opportunities (3 minutes each no more than 15 total) will be made available after each of the working group presentations for oral comments by the public (advanced registration to comment required). Written comments may be submitted by email (

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