Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update on ISCD Rumors

There is apparently a memo from Under Secretary Beers to people associated with NPPD announcing the resignation of Assistant Secretary Keil as of next Friday. The Acting Assistant Secretary position is going to Deputy Assistant Secretary for IP Bill Flynn according to sources that have seen the memo. There is no official word yet about the reason for the resignation and I wouldn’t expect there to be if Keil had been asked to resign over this issue..

At least one reader has noted that my observation/question about it being related to questions at Friday’s hearing about firings was certainly off base. I have been reminded that an organization like DHS cannot possibly make that kind of decision to force a resignation that fast, even if they wanted to. Too many political and legal questions that have to be resolved before something like that could be announced.

While the timing of the resignation does appear to be suspiciously related to the ISCD problems becoming public, there could be any number of reasons for the resignation. It is not unusual in the fourth year of an administration for any number of political appointees to start looking for new jobs in the public sector.

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