Monday, February 20, 2012

New Video Surveillance Book

John Honovich over at has just updated his ebook on video surveillance systems. As he did with the first edition of this ebook in 2008, he is making the book available free of charge. Why? According to his IPVM web site he is doing it for three reasons:

  • Ensure that a free, non-vendor resource is widely available that helps the community learn about critical issues.
  • Make it easier for those wanting to get started with professional surveillance systems.
  • Introduce our world leading research and PRO member service to new people.
For  security managers, particularly for ones that have a limited security background, I think that the first two reasons are the important ones. John obviously wants to promote the 3rd because that is one of the ways that his organization survives.

This book will not make you a video surveillance system integrator and it certainly won’t allow you to install your own system. What it will do is to allow you to talk intelligently with a system integrator, understand the issues involved with selecting, installing and maintaining this important class of security systems, and make an informed decision about whatever type of video surveillance system your facility actually buys.

Full Disclosure: John is one of the people that have made financial donations to this site. All such donations are appreciated, but have no impact on what I write or recommend in this blog. I am a PRO member on his site and I follow many of the interesting discussions on his group.

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