Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TWIC Reader Report Available

Well it finally was released yesterday, the long awaited report on the TSA’s study of TWIC Readers. This study was the last hold-up in the completion of the TWIC regulatory process; telling MTSA covered facilities and vessels how to implement the electronic verification of the TWIC as a method for access control.

I have not had a chance to review the document in detail, but the most important statement (from a regulatory point of view at least) is found on page iv of the Executive Summary:

“It was determined that TWIC reader systems function properly when they are designed, installed and operated in a manner consistent with the characteristics and business needs of the facility or vessel operation.”

As is to be expected there are limitations and challenges. The next page states:

“A number of operational and technological difficulties were documented that affected the overall success at many pilot locations.”

We’ll have to look at the reported details to see just how much of a problem these ‘difficulties’ will be to overcome. More on the report later.

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