Friday, February 3, 2012

Confirmed Rumor about ISCD Hearing

I just received an anonymous email reporting that there is a rumor circulating at DHS that Director Anderson will not be a witness at today’s hearing on the problems at ISCD, but will rather send her Deputy. A quick check of the House Energy and Commerce web site this morning shows that she has in fact been replaced on the witness list by David Wolf, the Deputy Director of ISCD. According to the Committee Staff Background Memo on that site, Wolf was a co-author of the ISCD report that triggered all of the recent attention on ISCD.

While Wolf may or may not be able to answer whatever questions maybe posed by Subcommittee members today, the fact that Anderson backed out at the last minute (and I have no idea of the reason why, she may be very ill for instance) will likely antagonize some members of Congress that are currently supportive of the CFATS process.

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