Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Info on Cybersecurity Hearing

Yesterday the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee published the witness list for tomorrows hearing on their new cybersecurity legislation. There will be three panels; Sen. Rockefeller (D,WV), Secretary Napolitano, and a panel of four private sector (IT not ICS) representatives.

The actual bill was introduced yesterday as well (S 2105) but a copy of it is not yet available from either the GPO or the Committee web site. There is a lot of general discussion in the press about the provisions of the bill, but no clear indication that anyone has yet seen an actual copy (no direct quotes of legislative language that I have seen). Sen. Lieberman (I,CT) is listed as the author with Senators Collins (R,ME), Feinstein (D,CA) and Rockefeller  as co-sponsors.

Interestingly, Feinstein has introduced a separate cybersecurity bill (S 2102, also not yet available at the GPO site) that she reportedly intends to offer as an amendment to S 2105 at some point in the legislative process.

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