Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reader Comment – ISCD Problems

This week an anonymous reader left a comment on an older post about the reorganization of ISCD. Since few readers are likely to see this comment, I’ll reproduce it here:

“As bleak as the above narrative is, it's only a small part of the story. Would that Congress (and the IG) would be sufficiently interested and willing to dig deeper into this travesty, the country might well become safer and more secure as to attacks on chemical facilities.”
As a blogger I generally appreciate responses that are supportive of positions that I have taken on just about any topic. Unfortunately, generic comments such as this one, particularly from anonymous sources, do little to advance the cause.

I understand why DHS employees and contractors would not want their names associated with this issue. It is a fact, however, that most people discount generic anonymous comments since there is no information included that can be independently verified. To extend the discussion of the issue an anonymous writer must provide new information.

I have heard that my blog posts have caught the attention of upper management in the Department, with appropriate officials asking some questions about the situation. I am, properly, not privy to those inquiries. I also accept that Mr. Driggers’ replies to those inquiries carry more weight with management than do my opinions; if that wasn’t the case he wouldn’t have been placed in that position.

ISCD has a difficult enough job without having internal management problems. Random sniping on my part is not going to make either of those situations any easier. So, unless someone provides information worth discussing, this will be the last reader response of this sort that I will actively respond to on this blog. Reader comments will still be posted when submitted, but I will not comment on them unless they provide new information.

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