Friday, May 20, 2011

Chemical Sector Security Summit Registration Closed

This morning the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection updated the web site for the 2011 Chemical Sector Security Summit (CSSS), notifying the chemical security community that the registration for the Summit was now closed. This was not unexpected; DHS limited registration to 2 people per organization to try to provide access to as many organizations as possible.

Once again I would like to call on DHS OIP and SOCMA (one of the industrial sponsors of the CSSS) to consider opening the presentations at this year’s Summit to on-line viewing. With only about 600 openings for attendees available, and the poor economy affecting travel budgets, there will be no other way for most members of the chemical security community to attend this meeting.

I’m sure that DHS will be posting the slides from most of the presentations on-line after the conference is over as they have in years past. This is valuable, if incomplete, information. The actual words of the speakers and the increased level of detail that they provide over the slide content would be a valuable source of information to our community.

I would prefer to see the presentations in real-time, but even posting security-edited versions on the CSSS web site after the Summit is over would be valuable.

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