Thursday, May 12, 2011

Congressional Hearing Updates 5-11-11

Mid-week brought some changes to the Congressional Hearing schedule that may be of interest to the chemical security community. Two hearings were postponed and a new one was added.

Postponed Hearings

The House Energy and Commerce Committee got bogged down in their mark-up of HR 5 so they did not get a chance to work on HR 908, the CFATS extension bill proposed by members of that Committee. That mark-up was postponed until a date to be announced next week.

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee did not provide a reason when they postponed their hearing today on cyber security. No future date was given. Last minute postponements are getting to be a habit with this Committee.

New Mark-up Scheduled

The House Homeland Security Committee announced yesterday that its Transportation Security Subcommittee will hold a markup hearing today on HR 1690, the MODERN Security Credentials Act. This bill is apparently being fast-tracked by the Homeland Security Committee as it was just introduced last week.

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