Monday, May 30, 2011

To My Brothers in Arms

On this Memorial Day I would like to address my Brothers in Arms, past present and future; in all services with a special nod to those in my family; Antonio who is preparing for yet another cruise, Robert who is just recently back from Afghanistan and Gaige who is preparing to enter the Air Force. Today is an important day for us to pause and raise a glass to absent companions.

Today we accept the thanks of a grateful country for the sacrifices we have all made in the service of our country, but we all know that our absent companions gave their lives more for their buddies, and team mates than for the country. As such we owe them a more personal and heartfelt thanks than most people in the country can understand. And if we, the brotherhood of arms, continue to do our job, then most people will never have the chance to understand.

Let us raise a glass. To Absent Companions.

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