Sunday, May 22, 2011

DHS Updates Training Support

Earlier this week the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) added two new training related web pages to their web site, accessible through their Critical Infrastructure Protection landing page.

The first page, Training Programs for Infrastructure Partners, provides links to generic security training that would be appropriate to just about anyone, particularly those facilities that are considered to be critical infrastructure. There are a few actual training programs listed on this page, but it mainly serves as a consolidation page with links to other pages where the training would actually be found.

The second new page, Sector-Specific Critical Infrastructure Courses, is listed on the first page. There are a few actual training courses listed on this page (all three in the Dams Sector). Two of the critical infrastructure (CI) sectors that DHS is responsible for, the Chemical Sector and the Commercial Facilities Sector, have their own training resources page (I routinely watch and report on changes for the Chemical Sector page) and links to those two pages are found on this page.

Two other CI sectors do not currently have their own training web pages so this site provides email addresses for training points of contacts.

The one thing that is missing from these pages is a link to the main FEMA training site. Since FEMA is responsible for much of the training provided by DHS I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be listed here.

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