Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Link to DHS-FBI OBL Threat Bulletin

SECURITY WARNING: Based upon the ‘WIKI Leaks Doctrine’ viewing this blog or the referenced document on a government computer or by a person with federally authorized access to unclassified but sensitive information may result in Federal government reprisals including revocation of access rights. FOUO information is being discussed.

In an earlier blog about the potential terrorist threats arising in response to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) I made reference to the National Journal’s quoting of a DHS-FBI threat bulletin. Thanks to the folks at PublicIntelligence.net, I now have access to ‘an apparent draft version’ of that bulletin that was apparently distributed within the law enforcement community.

You can see that there is not much more information than I have included in my two blog postings about the death of OBL. It certainly is clear, based upon this information, that Secretary Napolitano is correct in maintaining that the current information does not warrant an alert under the new National Terrorism Alert System (NTAS). But neither does it mean that high-risk facilities should ignore the increased possibility (how ever minor) that one or more attacks could reasonably be expected to occur (‘to be attempted’ might be a better word choice) in the next couple days.

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