Friday, January 28, 2011

Virtual Security Conference

Attending security shows, conventions or conferences is a common method for people in the security field to keep up to date on new products and participate in discussions on new developments in the security field, or gain access to new information about the threats that they may face. Unfortunately, even in the best of economic times, many organizations find the cost of such events, including the related travel costs, to be a limiting factor in allowing their security planning people to attend.

The folks at appear to have come up with a potential solution to the high-cost of attending such events. They are hosting a virtual security show on March 8th. They are advertising this on-line event as having no “travel, no conference fees and no time away from work”.

They note that in addition to the typical presentations that one would expect at such security shows there will be a virtual exhibit hall, allowing attendees to: “Chat in real time with exhibitors and preview the latest products and solutions in our virtual exhibit hall. You’ll have access to free content downloads, presentations-to-go and more.”

Another valuable part of attending industry shows is the chance to meet other people in the field. I know that some of the chemical shows that I attended, the high-light of the show was the chance to put a face to a voice that I had dealt with over the phone. The organizers of this show are advertising that there will be opportunities to connect “with your colleagues and develop new relationships with other like-minded professionals in your field”

This show will have a CFATS update session. I am not familiar with the two presenters who are involved in this session, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much. My contact with other security professionals is typically limited to reading their publications or communicating with them electronically when they respond to my blog. There are lots of hardworking people in this field that never publish or respond to bloggers. I am surprised however that they are not including someone from ISCD in this presentation. What ever problems that ISCD has had implementing the CFATS program, they have never been reticent about sharing what they know with industry groups.

Needless to say one can register for this event on-line. It will be interesting to see how well this virtual event actually works. I have already registered, after-all you can’t beat the price.

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