Monday, January 24, 2011

Law Enforcement and CFATS

The attentive reader might remember a post I did at the end of last month about an on-line training program about the Suspicious Activity Reporting program. Shortly after that post, I was contacted by James Cavanagh, the head of LEAPS.TV (the outfit that prepared that training program), thanking me for the positive review.

In the ensuing discussion he asked me if I would be interested in working on a project. His organization does these on-line training programs for law enforcement and emergency management personnel. He had received some requests for training on CFATS for law enforcement personnel and he thought that I might be able to provide some input on the subject.

It’s been an interesting project and I’ve had some interesting conversations with some law enforcement types about their perspective on chemical facility security. As one would expect, they have a slightly different look at the subject and it has been very educational for me.

In any case, Jim just sent me the link to the advance notice for this webinar. It will be free and it will remain on the LEAPS.TV site for future viewing for a relatively short time (four weeks, I think). After that I’ll see about getting it posted somewhere else. It is being designed to give law enforcement personnel a brief overview of the CFATS program and how that program might affect them if they have a covered facility in their community.

Any CFATS covered facility might want to recommend this to their local police department. It is free and LEAPS.TV has an arrangement so that they can award continuing education credits for participants.

If there is enough interest in the program we might be able to provide additional instructional material to provide more detailed information about what local law enforcement needs to know about chemical facility security.

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