Thursday, January 13, 2011

IED Threat Information

The web site that publishes restricted access information from governments around the world,, recently posted a copy of a set of DHS TRIPwire briefing slides providing an overview of the use of improvised explosive devices by terrorists; “Domestic Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Threat Overview”. As is usual with the publications of the slides from a presentation, much of the detailed explanation that makes up such briefings is missing from this document, but even so it is a valuable compilation of information about Terrorist IED Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP).

In addition to information about explosives and devices (lacking any details that would allow the uninformed to produce them) there is an interesting section on ‘Domestic Radicalization’. There will be some that object to the inclusion of ‘radical Christian movements’ in the discussion, but the example of Eric Rudolph demonstrates that they are referring to the violent radical fringe, not the just less-mainstream religious groups. They conclude that slide with a very important point;

“To date, most of the perpetrators of terrorist attacks in the United States have been radicalized by non-Islamic movements.”
The slide presentation would almost certainly be more informative if it included the information provided by the presenter, but this is still a good, short reference document on IEDs and their associated tactics.

SECURITY WARNING: Government contractors and members of the federal government should be aware that the document is marked ‘For Official Use Only’ (FOUO) and the fact that you download this from an open source will not exempt you from applying appropriate safeguards for the storage of this document. The last time I looked at FOUO regulations (20+ years ago in the Army) this required the use of an ‘FOUO’ cover sheet and storing in a locked desk drawer or file cabinet.

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