Thursday, January 13, 2011


The Office of Management and Budget posted a notice yesterday on their web site that it had received a draft NPRM from the Coast Guard for the TWIC Reader Rule (RIN: 1625-AB21) for review. Typically this would mean (unless OMB finds major issues with the NPRM as submitted) that the NPRM could be expected to appear in the Federal Register in a matter of months.

Readers of this blog might remember that I briefly mentioned that this was listed in the Fall 2010 Unified Agenda. There OMB predicted that the NPRM would be published in November of this year. To me this looks like a potential acceleration of that publishing date. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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John C.W. Bennett said...

It turns out that the TWIC Reader NPRM is not what OMB has for review. According to the TWIC Issues briefer at this morning's session of the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee (NMSAC), the NRPM is still on track for publication in November, with "a lot of caveats." What OMB actually has is a policy document providing interim guidance for voluntary use of TWIC readers in advance of the Final Rule. After OMB clears this document, there will be an opportunity for public comment. The briefer's best case scenario was that the policy document could be on the streets in four months. For more on the TWIC matters and other issues that NMSAC heard about today, you are invited to check out
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