Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Legislative Schedule - Senate

Since the leadership of the Senate remains essentially unchanged, there is already starting to be information about the upcoming first session of the 112th Congress being posted on various Senate website. Yesterday I noticed that the tentative schedule for the various scheduled recesses has been posted on the Senate.gov web site. With just two exceptions the Senate is labeling their times out of session as being ‘State Work Periods’. Those two exceptions are one-day Federal Holidays, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. The targeted adjournment date is listed as ‘TBD’.

The currently scheduled ‘State Work Periods’ are:

● Jan 10-Jan 21
● Feb 21-Feb 25
● Mar 21-Mar 25
● Apr 18-Apr 29
● Jul 4-Jul 8
● Aug 8-Sep 5
● Sep 26-Sep 30
● Oct 24-Oct 28
There is one notable difference between this years schedule and the one from last year. The Senate is planning on staying in session for a whole week after it convenes tomorrow. Last year there was just a single proforma session before they took off.

The House has yet to publish their schedule according to the Clerk’s website

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