Saturday, December 18, 2010

No Change in CFATS Knowledge Center

Its not often one takes the time to write about something that hasn’t changed, unless of course it should have. That’s the case in this blog post; I’m reporting that in the last week there has been no change in the CFATS Knowledge Center web page and I think that it would have been reasonable to expect a change.

A week ago yesterday, DHS added a rather short but valuable document to the list of CFATS supporting documents, the “Helpful Tips for Completing a Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Site Security Plan” pamphlet. I covered this pamphlet in some detail an earlier blog. Needless to say it is a document that I recommend that every facility in the CFATS program out to have and use.

Unfortunately, there is not a single mention of this document on the CFATS Knowledge Center web page. Since this page is, without a doubt, the single, most-valuable, go-to source of information about all things CFATS this is a very unusual oversight.

I suspect that it is an internal information-sharing issue where the SSP people aren’t sufficiently talking with the people that maintain the CFATS Knowledge Center. If that is the case, and it wouldn’t be an unusual occurrence with all that is going on in the ISCD offices, it is an issue that needs to be resolved quickly.

The regulated community should be able to rely on the CFATS Knowledge Center as a one-stop shop for CFATS information. The remaining web pages are great, but most people in this business don’t have the time to conduct daily reviews of all of the pertinent chemical security sites on the web. The CFATS Knowledge Center should be the one page that everyone goes to on a daily basis to see if there are any changes in the information that DHS wants to share with the chemical security community.

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