Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DHS-ISCD Publishes New CFATS Pamphlets

Today the folks at ISCD published links to two pamphlets on their CFATS Knowledge Center web page. Its not clear that these are really ‘new’ pamphlets (one has a publication date of ‘July 2010’ printed on the cover), but they have not been available on the CFATS web site before today. The two informational pamphlets are:
CFATS Colleges and Universities Brochure
CFATS Tri-fold Brochure
These are the types of brief informational brochures that you would expect to find at a trade-show booth. In fact, I would not be surprised to hear that they were available at the sign-in desk at the 2010 Chemical Sector Security Summit. The tri-fold brochures are not really the best format for information on the internet, so DHS has also made these brochures available in a more conventional format in Articles 1718 and 1719 on the CFATS Knowledge Center web page.

Once again there is nothing in the ‘Latest News’ section alerting the casual web surfer to the existence of the new documents. Someone deliberately looking for information would find these documents listed in the ‘Documentation’ section of the main page as well as in the ‘Documentation’ section of the following pages on the web site:

● Top-Screen
● Inspection
● CVI (CFATS brochure only)
● Appendix A
There is no real new information in any of these brochures, but they do provide brief, factual overviews of the CFATS program. I would not be surprised to see security contractors, integrators, and consultants using these brochures on their tables at trade shows.

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