Monday, December 6, 2010

NIPP Page Updates 12-02-10

As part of the President’s declared Critical Infrastructure Protection Month, DHS has promised to provide new information about CIP through links on their Critical Infrastructure landing page. Last week they ‘updated/reviewed’ the information on two pages that are linked from that page, the National Infrastructure Protection Plan page and the Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Support Annex page.

I don’t track the CIKRSA page, but I don’t see anything that looks really new on the page (though it is dated as being 'reviewed/updated on 12-02-10). The NIPP page is another page that I don’t track as closely as the chemical security pages on the DHS site, but I do note some changes since I last looked at the page in August. They have added a brief video about the NIPP, a link to subscribe to the NIPP Newsletter (this link has been on the landing page since August), and a new link to an established (and unchanged) page on NIPP Resources for State and Local Partners.

The changes on the NIPP page don’t really provide any new information, but they do make it easier to find some of the information and the video does provide an easier method to learn about the NIPP. So, I suppose this update is a net positive.

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