Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HJ Res 101 Passes in House

This afternoon, the House passed HJ Res 101 by a vote of 239 to 178. The vote was pretty much along party lines with 2 Republicans {Cao (R, LA) and Young (R, AK)} voting Yea and 8 Democrats { Adler (D, NJ), Bright (D, AL), Connolly (D,VA), Giffords (D,AZ), Kratovil (D,MD), Nye (D,VA), Peters (D,MI) and Taylor (D,MS)} voting Nay. The resolution now goes to the Senate; probably to be voted upon tomorrow, no later than Friday. If the same support pattern holds in the Senate (who knows?) then there may be some problems getting this resolution to a vote; there may not be enough votes for cloture.

As I noted in yesterday’s blog, the passage of HJ Res 101 will extend the current Continuing Resolution until Saturday, December 18th, 2010. That extension will also automatically extend the authorization for the CFATS regulations to the same date.

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