Wednesday, December 8, 2010

HR 3082 Amendment – Year Long Continuing Resolution

The House Rules Committee had a copy of the amendment to HR 3082 that they will be considering as the full year continuing resolution to fund the federal government for FY 2011. AP is reporting that that CR will freeze the Homeland Security Budget at FY 2010 levels. Politico is reporting that as well, but noting that there has been some reprogramming of funds within the DHS budget.

The Committee will act on this today and, if the House passes H. Res 1752, the whole house could consider this legislation today. H Res 1752 would allow the same day consideration of legislation approved by the Rules Committee, something that is not typically allowed by House Rules. There will be some resistance from the Republicans to passing H Res 1752 because it allows for consideration of bills without allowing for detailed review and consideration of the legislation.

I’ll be reviewing this new document for DHS and CFATS information and reporting as soon as I have done so.

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